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What the heck am I playing?! That’s probably what you’ll be shouting merely a few minutes into this game. Mark Leung: Revenge of the Bitch (73% Rating) is a parody RPG with gorgeous graphics reminiscent of Dragon Quest, classic turn-based battles like Final Fantasy, and one mean sense of humor taken from the movie parody subgenre. With 5 playable characters, customizable classes and a wide variety of monsters, you’ll soon have a stomach ache from laughter, if not anger.

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Andy’s about to go to college and the toys don’t want anybody to get left behind. Toy Story 3 (73% Rating) is the official video game adaptation of the 3rd movie installment of the beloved franchise. Help Woody, Buzz and the rest of the gang as you go on heroic quests in Story Mode or just live the life of a toy in the open-world Toy Box Mode. Watch out for those little kids who’ll grab you at any chance they get. To infinity and beyo… err, college!

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Indie heroes unite! Team Indie (71% Rating) is a 2D platformer with elements of puzzle solving. Play as one of 10 different characters from popular indie titles, each with their own unique skills. Challenge over 50 levels with 3 boss fights. Play coop with your own previous playthroughs by manipulating time and forge a path where there isn’t one. Spring to action and save the day in this thrilling adventure with multiple award nominations.

34% off!

The critically-acclaimed adventure trilogy is now available in one complete collection. Deponia Trilogy (86% Rating) gives you Deponia, Chaos on Deponia and Goodbye Deponia. Follow Rufus on his wild adventures as he dreams of leaving the junkyard world of Deponia, only to meet the love of his life, lose her countless times, then find her again. Featuring new features including a complete Deponia world map, a comprehensive graphical questlog help system, and several hidden collectibles, experience everything Deponia has to offer and a whole lot more.

Stewie and Brian are at it again! Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse (55% Rating) is an action adventure title that features your favorite characters from the animated sitcom. In an alternate universe, Bertram, Stewie’s half brother, is alive. He builds a multiverse-traveling remote control and gathers an army to destroy Stewie. Cross different universes and battle Bertram’s army in this comedic continuation of 2 of the best episodes in the series.

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