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Go on an incredible journey to reclaim what you have lost while the world around you is torn and scarred by the Titans. Risen 3: Titan Lords (63% Rating) is an open-world return to the roots of the series. Enjoy a revamped fighting system and, once again, wield powerful magic to destroy your foes. Ally yourself with one of three distinct guils that offer unique abilities, gear and quests. Be careful though, not all allies are friends.

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Get ready for a refreshing take on shooters. Borderlands (84% Rating) features a combination of ARPG and FPS gameplay with a unique comic art style and nearly limitless weapons. Choose from one of four distinct characters and upgrade different abilities to make your character fit your play style. Play with up to 3 of your friends in online or split-screen coop. Search for the legendary treasure called “The Vault” as you try to survive in the danger-filled planet of Pandora.

The hit mobile real-time strategy game is now on PC. Lead your clan in epic battles set in the Total War universe while building up your bases and recruiting new units. Total War Battles: Shogun (63% Rating) features hex-based battle maps and a game twisting “Bushido” mechanic that enables your units to only move forward. After all, for the followers of the “Bushido” code, retreat is never an option. Your move, commander.

The critically-acclaimed combination of strategy and roleplay, Valkyria Chronicles (87% Rating), comes to PC gamers with all previously released DLCs. Lead Welkin and the rest of the federation’s 7th platoon and defend Gallia from the invasion of the Empire. Plan your strategy and form your platoons with over 100 customizable characters. An epic story is about to begin – are you ready to be the hero?.

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What if the monsters depicted in classic horror films were played by real monsters? And what if they were now forced to star in kiddie flicks, romantic comedies or boring musicals? In The Next Big Thing (74% Rating), Liz Allaire and Dan Murray discover what happens when these monsters rebel against such an injustice. Discover a hilarious adventure full of twists and tributes as you solve puzzles and uncover mysteries. Are you ready for a night at the movies?


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