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55% off !

Live out your childhood dreams and take a walk with the dinosaurs in a huge 24 sq. km. open world. Better yet, live out your adult dreams and hunt them! The Hunter: Primal (65% Rating) pits you against 5 of the baddest dinosaur species known to man. Play solo or team up with a group of friends for some coop or PVP action. With the persistent inventory system, you keep everything you find in one game session when you move on to the next. Be careful though, because you lose everything if you die. Will the hunter become the hunted?

51% off !

Get ready for some 5-on-5 action as you build, destroy, defend and attack in a uniquely crazy FPS. Block N Load (79% Rating) let’s you build up your defenses first by constructing turrets, laying traps and a whole lot more. Once the build phase is over, the mayhem starts! With a great variety of characters and blocks for endless strategic possibilities, it’s a game where brains are just as important as bullets.

48% off !

You’re trapped in a tower so high that it touches the clouds. You’re only way out? Down! Freedom Fall (74% Rating) is a downward scrolling platformer that has you avoiding deadly traps and obstacles. As Marsh, you’ll be running and jumping for your life while enduring taunts and mockery scribbled on the walls, placed there by none other that a not-so-charming princess with a sick sense of humor. In the end, you’ll find out that nothing is what it seems. The question is – will you reach the end?

Get behind the wheels of 13 licensed trucks and live out your dream of becoming a professional trucker. Euro Truck Simulator 2 (83% Rating) features tons of customization options to make your dream truck an in-game reality. Earn skill points as you gain experience and unlock new types of jobs. Drive across 16 European countries with closely recreated landscapes, roads and landmarks. Start your own business and go into management. Plus, with support for community mods, there’s always something new to experience.

36% off !

Take a bit of city-building, a dash of politics, some tower defense in-between, and a good helping of match 3. Mix them all together and what do you get? A game called Reign Maker (50% Rating), that’s what! Protect your kingdom from the invasion of the Void army while making many political decisions that affect your story and your kingdom’s future. Gain access to powerful spells, stronger troops and better gear as your capital city improves. It’s a fun mix that’s satisfying and addicting.

Welcome to the most massive sandbox game you can find today. Galactic Civilizations III (76% Rating) has substantially more depth and scale than any of it predecessors – or most strategy games for that matter. Never engage in the same battles twice as each game is given a unique map with unique worlds and challenges. Immerse yourself in a 20-year story arc as you lead humanity in the 23rd century. Create your own faction with it’s own look, ships and abilities. With so much to play around with, it’ll have you experimenting and colonizing for a really long time.


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