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78% off!

A young student named Erin becomes the victim of an experiment that goes out of control and ends up trapping her in the Dreamscape (86% Rating). Now, equipped with magical headphones that allow her to visit the dreams of people she meets, she ventures to find a way to free herself. With over 30 hours of play time, a cute and funny story, unique gameplay mechanics, and tons of in-game awards, it showcases the quality Adorlea has been known for in games like The Book of Legends and the Millennium series.

In the far future, many lifeforms and organisms have become extinct due to several ecological disasters. Life is only possible deep under ground. A New Beginning: Final Cut (70% Rating) pits you in a mission to save the earth by going back in time to convince a retired scientist to continue developing an alternative energy resource. But there are those who plot against you in the background. Time is of the essence in this eye-opening adventure game.

43% off!

The dinosaur hordes are coming, and they’re coming for you! Orion Prelude (81% Rating) is a Sci-Fi FPS with great visuals and thrilling combat. Fight alongside friends to survive the coming onslaught. Duke it out with other players to prove you are the best. Or go full-blown mayhem in the chaotic open-world PvPvE. Choose from a vast arsenal of weapons and use incredible vehicles to even the odds with these ferocious hunters and hulking beasts. Lock and load!

35% off!

Set foot into a fantasy world based on ancient India and experience a story-driven RPG focused on decision making. Unrest (60% Rating) features diverse characters, a reactive storyline where there are no right answers, complex conversations, beautiful art and music, and mod support for endless possibilities. Struggle through unique burdens and gripping dilemmas where violence is rarely the right answer. Can you take control of these intertwined fates and survive the consequences of your actions?

33% off!

The Atari classic is back! Haunted House (62% Rating) brings back the arcade gameplay of the classic with updated 3D visuals. Explore 20 eerie levels full of ghosts and ghouls that will send you fleeing in horror. Uncover the truth behind yoru grandfather’s disappearance. Will you be able to hold on to the little courage you have left? Enter if you dare!

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