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By JD on June 24, 2015 Deal of the Day with No Comments

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Experience the classic board game in full 3D with new RPG-style mechanics, additional weapons and new Genestealers. Space Hulk Ascension (74% Rating) builds on the turn-based strategy formula we loved from the board game and turned it into a spectacular game. Enjoy over 100 unique missions in 3 campaigns and get to customize your Terminators’ names, look and attributes. Are you ready for some claustrophobic fun?

46% off !

Get ready for some 5-on-5 action as you build, destroy, defend and attack in a uniquely crazy FPS. Block N Load (79% Rating) let’s you build up your defenses first by constructing turrets, laying traps and a whole lot more. Once the build phase is over, the mayhem starts! With a great variety of characters and blocks for endless strategic possibilities, it’s a game where brains are just as important as bullets.

43% off !

A Bird Story (76% Rating) is a visual narrative about a boy who found an injured bird. It is an interactive animated treat that travels between reality and imagination. Follow along in an emotion-driven, easily relatable, light and whimsical adventure. It’s not really a game, it’s more of an experience.

37% off !

It’s time for some intense dungeon crawling with epic boss battles! Dark Souls (84% Rating) is an open-world adventure set in the dark fantasy world of Lodran. Test your skill – and patience – with extremely difficult challenges that offer countless causes of death. Summon friends into your world to play coop or invade other worlds for some PVP action. Here, it’s not a question of whether you will die or not. The question is – how will you die?

35% off !

It has been 20 years since an apocalyptic event annihilated most of mankind and turned Earth’s surface into a poisonous wasteland. You are Artyom, born right before the end days, but raised underground as the survivors have been forced to take refuge in the Metro subway system. Metro 2033 Redux (86% Rating) is the definitive version of the cult classic, rebuilt in the 4A engine to give it a next-gen polish and added features. Experience one of the best story-driven shooters of all time the way it deserves to be played.


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