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The Dark Lord Gandohar has disrupted the balance between the elements, causing dark magic to surge into the land. You’re a prisoner in the dungeons of Gandohar’s castle. You’ve just failed to save your sister. Just when despair was about to overcome you, the orcs, a race you despise, come and set you free. Two Worlds II (71% Rating) puts you into a fantasy world overrun by evil on a quest to save your sister. Utilize the DEMONS magic system, PAPAC alchemy system, and CRAFT tool to create devastating spells and powerful equipment. Hire mercenaries or conjure different creatures to aid you. Can you discover Gandohar’s weakness and save your sister before it’s too late?

Relive the epic Battle of Stalingrad in a tactical multiplayer shooter that features streamlined realism and unrivalled tactical gameplay. Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad (76% Rating) takes you through the brutal firefights of this historic battlefield. Achieve Hero status to gain access to the best and rarest weapons, inspire comrades and strike fear into the hearts of enemies. Experience immersive tank warfare as you get to climb into these fearsome beasts of war. Are you ready to become the hero of Stalingrad?

Take the war to Asia in the best-selling third installment of a much revered real-time strategy franchise – Wargame: Red Dragon (78% Rating). Command large-scale operations in various locations in Asia as you build your army with 1450 unit choices – from tanks, helicopter, amphibious units, warships and a whole lot more. With exciting multiplayer battles of up to 20 players, huge maps of up to 150 square kilometers and amazing tactical depth, experience epic battles as the NATO forces clash with the armies of the Warsaw Pact and their new allies.

A few developers were wondering what Black Isle, Advance Wars and Panzer General would look like if they were made today. So, they developed Battle Worlds: Kronos (73% Rating). Take command of your forces in a classic turn-based strategy game that features 2 single player campaigns, multiple single player challenge maps, live and asynchronous multiplayer, a map editor, and countless hours of challenging fun. Are you ready, commander?

You are Ronan O’Connor, detective for hire. When you get caught up in a violent burglary, you end up having to solve the greatest case of your life – your own murder. Murdered: Soul Suspect (65% Rating) features a great cast of characters, supernatural skills, hundreds of collectibles, and powerful demonic spirits. Explore the city of Salem to uncover clues, posses people to read their minds, evade dark entities who want to devour your soul, and solve the case before it’s too late. Will you be able to get back from the afterlife?

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