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Take a wild adventure into the depths of randomly generated stages filled with monsters and bosses. Vertical Drop Heroes HD (67% Rating) is a platformer RPG hybrid with rogue-like elements. Choose from different heroes, even the descendants of the ones who have fallen before. Unlock tons of skills, abilities and traits to customize your heroes with. With a unique combat system that focuses on proper planning, persistent upgrades and a challenging variety of enemies and bosses, go deeper and deeper and uncover the true secret behind the game.

35% off!

Put on your lab coats and goggles – it’s time for some fun with science! Sokobond (83% Rating) is an elegantly designed puzzle game about chemistry. Solve over 100 levels of mind bending logical puzzles that doesn’t even require any knowledge of chemistry. With its minimalistic design and great soundtrack, take a swing at this beautifully crafted puzzler made with love and science.

35% off!

Journey through the seas of Fallen London on a quest of discovery and survival. Sunless Sea (75% Rating) is a unique rogue-lite where you take the help of a ship as you explore dreary sites and battle against other ships and dangerous creatures. Featuring a compelling narrative of over 200,000 words, beautiful hand-drawn art, eerie and horrific atmosphere, and the ability to upgrade your ships, pass down resources to the next generation and build your own home, go on an adventure you’re sure not to come back from unchanged.

27% off!

Runers (68% Rating) is a rouge-lite dungeon shooter that lets you gather up runes and combine them to discover up to 285 unique spells. Choose from 20 races and 20 classes and explore a vast underground labyrinth that changes with each playthrough. Upgrade your spells and make them even more powerful. With over 50 traits to improve as you level up, 100+ random enemies and 15+ random bosses to fight, and 5 difficulty levels to challenge, it’s an enjoyable treat with high replayability. Be careful though, as dying once means your playthrough is done.

25% off!

Take control of a lonely bot that’s trying to reach freedom. Unmechanical (74% Rating) is a puzzle adventure where you explore and solve tricky puzzles to advance. Featuring more than 30 unique puzzles ranging from logical, physics-based, memory and a whole lot more. With simple yet intuitive controls, enjoy lots of different ways to interact with the environment. Discover strange clues and experience fantastic events that will help you discover a dark secret. Time to put your thinking cap on!

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    September 23, 2015, 18:10

    Great deals! Sokobond is a good game!
    Thank you for this giveaway! 😀


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