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62% off!

The original battle chess is back, this time enhanced for modern gamers. Archon Classic (78% Rating) will have you test your mettle using teams of fantasy creatures and monsters in the age old battle between good and evil. When you challenge a piece on the chess board, you are teleported to a battle arena where you will duel with the enemy in real-time. Featuring up to 4 player multiplayer modes, 3 different game modes, 3 AI settings with 3 different personalities, and pieces that level up and have abilities, it’s chess as you’ve always wanted it to be.

Malachi Rector is an antique expert with a photographic memory and an uncanny eye for detail. One fateful day, he is enlisted by a secret government agency to invetigate a murdered woman in Venice. Soon after, he finds his life in danger at every turn. Moebius: Empire Rising (53% Rating) is master storyteller Jane Jensen’s latest outing and opens with a lot of hanging questions. Why would the government hire Malachi for a foreign murder investigation? Who is David Walker and why does he feel so familiar? And why will the government go to any length to defend a theory of space and time? Time to find the answers!

50% off!

So you’re at a soccer match. Things are dragging as the ball goes back and forth between the two teams. You ask yourself, what’s so exciting about this? Then, out of nowhere, one player tackles an opposing player and proceeds to batter him until he is unable to play anymore. Woah! Soccer Rage (100% Rating) is a different yet more exciting take on the sport. Your team has 10 players, no substitutes, and a win-by-any-means-necessary attitude. There are no fouls, no red cards and no outside balls. Tackle, slide tackle, shoulder barge or shoot the ball right at your enemies to take them out. Bring the opposing team to less than 7 players and you win. Of course you can still win by having more goals, but who would want that, right?

44% off!

Sparkster is back! Rocket Knight (70% Rating) is the revival of the classic action platformer now rendered in 2.5D. The pigs of Devontidos are now living alongside the possums of Zephyrus with the king’s approval. Sparkster decides to move out of the kingdom with his famly as he can’t imagine living with them. Fifteen years later, a war with the wolves erupt and he finds possums and pigs fighting side by side. But all is not what it seems. Charge your shots and use your jetpack as you collect different items and powerups. Will you be able to defend the kingdom?

The Fallen Enchantress has come to annihilate all who have survived the Cataclysm. Now, heroes who have heard of your exploits have come from near and far to fight under your banner. Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes (77% Rating) is a 4X strategy game set in the world of Elemental. Gather heroes by acquiring fame and train them in powerful skills and abilities. Weild devastating spells as you battle new monsters in a gigantic map with stunning visuals. The heroes flock to you now, lord. Can you lead them to victory?

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