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As the story nears its epic conclusion, Marine and her friends find themselves almost out of time. With just six days left to find the four remaining warriors, will they be ready in time for the legendary showdown with the thirteen powerful warriors of Mystrock? Millennium 4: Beyond Sunset (88% Rating) continues the epic saga in what has been dubbed as the most suspenseful, thrilling and emotional entry in the series yet.

It’s time for a blast from the past – this time, with a modern 3D twist! Ionball 2: Ionstorm (72% Rating) brings you nostalgic gameplay from classics like Breakout and Arkanoid. Go through 60 challenging levels and battle 3 bosses, destroying various enemies with unique abilities. Upgrade your weapons, gear up your ball and get ready for hours of brick-breaking fun.

39% off !

A Bird Story (76% Rating) is a visual narrative about a boy who found an injured bird. It is an interactive animated treat that travels between reality and imagination. Follow along in an emotion-driven, easily relatable, light and whimsical adventure. It’s not really a game, it’s more of an experience.

Get on your bike for some grueling, off-road action! MUD: FIM Motocross World Championship (52% Rating) puts the MX1, MX2 and MxoN championships, 12 locations, 32 official teams, and 84 real riders together for the most intense motocross action you’ll ever experience. With advanced motorbike physics and animation, real-time terrain deformation, real motorbike sounds, and an incredible artistic style, prove you have what it takes in the MUD World Tour or show off your moves in the Monster Energy Trick Battle mode. What’s motocross without a little mud, eh?

35% off !

Live out your childhood dreams and take a walk with the dinosaurs in a huge 24 sq. km. open world. Better yet, live out your adult dreams and hunt them! The Hunter: Primal (65% Rating) pits you against 5 of the baddest dinosaur species known to man. Play solo or team up with a group of friends for some coop or PVP action. With the persistent inventory system, you keep everything you find in one game session when you move on to the next. Be careful though, because you lose everything if you die. Will the hunter become the hunted?

As a peasant, Marine’s fate is to die of disease or some other horrid cause. That is a fate she cannot accept. She takes up her father’s crusade to challenge the feared Lords of Mystrock to change her destiny and destinies of those around her. Millennium: A New Hope (70% Rating) is the game that started it all. Help Marine in this gripping tribute to the 16-bit era of RPGs.


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