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Marine and friends are back in another epic adventure in Millennium 3: Cry Wolf (93% Rating). Explore the east to find new warriors to help with the upcoming showdown with the Lords of Mystrock. Get sidetracked with 40 engaging side quests and battle superb monsters including 11 Animal Kings. Will you be able to stay out of trouble? Find out in the best installment yet of the award-winning series.

Step into the shoes of an owner of a cargo transportation company and test you hand at growing a small time service to a massive business empire. Freight Tycoon Inc. (67% Rating) features 30 interactive 3D maps, 3 levels of office development, over 100 car models and a whole lot more. Make contracts, buy and sell, employ and dismiss, all in the name of making a name. Will you be able to fully realize the tycoon in you?

72% off!

A young student named Erin becomes the victim of an experiment that goes out of control and ends up trapping her in the Dreamscape (86% Rating). Now, equipped with magical headphones that allow her to visit the dreams of people she meets, she ventures to find a way to free herself. With over 30 hours of play time, a cute and funny story, unique gameplay mechanics, and tons of in-game awards, it showcases the quality Adorlea has been known for in games like The Book of Legends and the Millennium series.

69% off!

As the grandson of William Gordon, his tragic death has hit you deeply. And though the rest of the Gordon family have accepted his death, you still have doubts lurking in the back of your head. Black Mirror (73% Rating) has you playing as Sam as he uncovers a curse that has haunted his family since the Middle Ages and will not stop until it has claimed every last one of them. Solve logical, environmental and tactile puzzles as you explore more than 100 different locations through six comprehensive chapters. But be careful, because not everything is as it seems.

67% off!

Toxic wastes have spilled into the city’s water supply and now the recently deceased are rising from their graves. Dead Pixels (75% Rating) has you blasting through hordes of undead while trying to escape the city. Featuring retro pixel graphics, over 100 weapons and items, 3 game modes and 4 difficulty levels, and a procedurally generated city, each playthrough is never the same. If that wasn’t exciting enough, invite a friend and lay waste to the undead together in local co-op.

66% off!

A young family decides to stop by a mysterious old home for a picnic. The mother decides to take a quick nap but is awakened by a loud crashing sound. She enters the house, worried for her kids, only to find that a mystical mirror has locked them away in a magical world because they destroyed the other mirrors. Mirror Mysteries (61% Rating) has you solving puzzles through 7 enchanted worlds as you try to piece the mirrors back together to save your kids. Will you be able to solve the mirror mysteries?

53% off!

It’s the final lap. Your dead last. The odds look grim. What do you do? Floor it and go after them with guns blazing! Death Rally (68% Rating) brings back the classic gameplay with more cars, more weapons, and more challenges. Race through iconic tracks within the city, desert, jungle, ice and more, including an exclusive track for PC. Sharpen your skills in career mode as you unlock new cars and weapons then head on into multiplayer for some thrilling race-fragging mayhem. Are you ready for the ride of your life?

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