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By JD on September 21, 2015 Deal of the Day with 8 Comments

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79% off!

Rise up in influence and pave the way to global domination. Superpower 2 (64% Rating) is a global geopolitical simulation game where you control whole countries in terms of politics, economy and military power. With 193 real countries with realistic data, impressive AI for realistic simulation, real-life combat scenarios, and up to 32 players in multiplayer modes, take your country to the height of supremacy or be forgotten in history.

Step into the boots of a modern day farmer and see if you have what it takes to manage your very own farm. Farming Simulator 2013 (68% Rating) includes everyday challenges of farming life such as animal husbandry, crops, sales and a whole lot more. Grown your farm in a vast open world. Take control of over 100 authentic vehicles to help you with your tasks. Featuring European and American environments, head down to the farm and live the simple life you’ve always dreamed of.

66% off!

Put your boots on and take out the old cowboy hat, it’s time for some spaghetti western action platforming. Luckslinger (73% Rating) will have you collecting “luck” and using it to get out of sticky situations. Kill bandits and steal their luck. The more luck you have the more bullets miss, you get saved from bad jumps, and better loot drops. On the flip side, when you’re out of luck, bridges might collapse, rocks might come loose and really bad things happen. With intense gun fights and knife throwing action and your trusty pet duck thrown into the mix, this is one unique platformer that’ll have you thanking Lady Luck. Good luck!

Always wanted to play co-op but don’t have any friends to play with? Or maybe you don’t have enough patience to deal with others. Super Time Force Ultra (75% Rating) is just the game for you. It’s an action-packed platformer that lets you control time, making it possible to play co-op with yourself. Take control of up tp 19 unique characters and take the battle from the long-forgotten past all the way into the distant future.

A gigantic Ork Kroozer is headed for an Imperial Forge World and as one of the Emperor’s Elite Space Marines, you have been tasked to board it and annihilate the brutal Orks. Warhammer 40000: Kill Team (67% Rating) is a fast-paced 3rd-person shooter that lets you choose your Space Marine Chapter and weapon class and enjoy same-screen coop with a friend as you get to see a real Space Marine mission in real time action. Eliminate all Orks and Tyranids onboard the Kroozer and ensure the safety of the Imperial Forge World.

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