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It’s time to push your enemies’ marbles off the edge… literally! Abalone (93% Rating) is a digital adaptation of the best-selling classic board game. Featuring local and online multiplayer, simple rules that require strategy and planning, and multiple challenges lined up, put your thinking caps on see if you have what it takes to win in this simple yet challenging test of wits.

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So you’re at a soccer match. Things are dragging as the ball goes back and forth between the two teams. You ask yourself, what’s so exciting about this? Then, out of nowhere, one player tackles an opposing player and proceeds to batter him until he is unable to play anymore. Woah! Soccer Rage (100% Rating) is a different yet more exciting take on the sport. Your team has 10 players, no substitutes, and a win-by-any-means-necessary attitude. There are no fouls, no red cards and no outside balls. Tackle, slide tackle, shoulder barge or shoot the ball right at your enemies to take them out. Bring the opposing team to less than 7 players and you win. Of course you can still win by having more goals, but who would want that, right?

38% off!

It’s time to go into deep space as you try to restore light to a dying galaxy. Waveform (80% Rating) is a unique action puzzler where you control your path by manipulating the form or your wave. With simple controls using your mouse, over 100 levels spread across 11 worlds, a dynamic soundtrack that adapts to the pace of the game, and a Deep Space Mode for endless randomly-generated scenarios, bring back light in this relaxing yet challenging adventure.

35% off!

As Russell Stone, a Jewish Rabbi, you find yourself in a strange predicament. Membership has hit rock bottom and you don’t have the funds to keep your synagogue open. Just when you’ve decided to close shop, a former member of your congregation dies and leaves you a large amount of money. The Shivah (71% Rating) is a unique point-and-click adventure that features rabbinical conversation methods, a unique fighting system, an original soundtrack and 3 different endings. Will this money save your synagogue, or will it be your ultimate downfall?

With the shettering of the worlds, you now find yourseld exiled on one of the shards. Now, you must return to Ardania to seek vengeance. Warlock 2: The Exiled (78% Rating) is fantasy turn-based strategy game. As a Great Mage with no taste for diplomacy, you must battle your way through rival armies with the might of your own. Wield devastating spells and powerful blessings from the gods. Choose what kind of army you want to command – humans, undead hordes, Planestriders, or mix them up for the ultimate force. Hire heroes and equip them with legendary artifacts as your battlefield commanders. It’s time to march forth!

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