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78% off!

From the glory days of the old Flash games comes the latest incarnation of one of the best tower defense games in history. The Bloons are back and they’ll do anything to get past your defenses. Bloons TD 5 (90% Rating) features cool new towers like the Heli Pilot and the Bloonchipper, an all new Monkey Lab for researching unique abilities and upgrading towers, and hours and hours of Bloon-blasting fun. Are you ready to get popping?

77% off!

Rescue, rehabilitate, research and preserve as you care for over 40 different animals from all over the world. Zoo Park (81% Rating) lets you build and manage your very own dream zoo. Careful planning is required as you try to keep all the animals, as well as your customers, happy. Each animal’s needs are different and need to be met in urgency. Hire staff to help you and make sure everything runs smoothly as you gain popularity points from visitors. Are you up for the job?

57% off!

You are a space nomad whose only mission in life is to explore the vast reaches of the universe. While traveling, a rogue asteroid damages your warp core. Now, you investigate a four-planet cluster in search of parts to fix it. Xeodrifter (62% Rating) is a classic 2D action platformer reminiscent of the classic Megaman games. Unlock legendary power-ups as you gain access to new areas and challenge the ancient guardians. Seek out hidden pathways to reveal secret areas. So much for just searching for parts.

55% off!

125 years into the future, the world has been ravaged by countless wars and natural disasters. People have been forced to evacuate to underground cities. Australia and most of Africa are no longer habitable. Only two world powers remain: the United Civilized States (UCS) and the Eurasian Dynasty (ED). Experience nostalgic realtime strategy (RTS) action that came out even before the first Star Craft. Choose your side and embark on over 50 missions with over 100 unique units to order. Earth 2140 (71% Rating) now supports resolutions of up to Full HD and includes both add on mission packs.

Bring your ultimate mecha fantasies to life! Step into the Strike Suit’s (66% Rating)‘s cockpit and unleash your fury in massive fleet battles that will affect the fate of the cosmos. Take on intelligent enemy fighters and colossal capital ships as you upgrade your ships and customize your weapons to fit your own combat style. Switch between Pursuit Mode and Strike mode for maneuverability or more fire power. Are you ready for space combat reborn?

One pilot. Three mechas to choose from. And a whole lot of guns, locked and loaded. Strike Suit Infinity (71% Rating) is a frantic high score chasing arcade shooter. Strategically switch between Pursuit mode and Strike mode and choose between speed and power or high maneuverability. Engage enemy fighters and destroy colossal ships. Purchase upgrades and reinforcements in between rounds. Wipe out waves of enemies and build your multiplier and prove to be the king (or queen) of the leaderboards.

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