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Imagine waking up from one nightmare to another. Imagine the nightmares getting worse and worse every time you wake up. Inspired by the lead designer’s personal struggles with OCD and depression, Neverending Nightmares (96% Rating) follows the story of Thomas, a man suffering from an endless string of nightmares. With a 2D hand-drawn line art style heavily influenced by the works of Edward Gorey, and sound and music that make you feel the emotions of the character, it’s a game that will give you a different perspective on horror.

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Step into a different kind of puzzle game and manipulate sound as you try to learn why the world has gone dark. In See No Evil (72% Rating), you are a seer guided by a journal left in your decaying prison. Go on a unique adventure in a world where people have taken the light from their eyes willingly and are hostile towards those who won’t do the same. IS the world really darker with your eyes open?

In the far future, humanity has all but depleted our tired Earth. It’s time to step into the boundaries of space and discover the untapped resources of Mars. Offworld Trading Company (83% Rating) gives you a unique RTS experience where there is no military. This is a war for market supremacy, and money is your weapon. With market-driven gameplay that’s dominated by strategic planning, do you what it takes to acquire all of your competition’s shares and take full control of the planet’s economy?

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Go back in time into the fray of World War I as you climb up the ranks from aviator to ace in Ace Patrol (70% Rating). It’s a turn-based strategy game where you select your allegiance from 4 nations and control different pilots and planes from the World War I era. Earn promotions, equipment upgrades and advance maneuvers. Unlock aces with special skills and duke it out in the single player campaign or in hot seat multiplayer. This war will be over soon. Will victory be yours?

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Immerse yourself in a stunningly realised world with a beautiful soundtrack. Dear Esther (95% Rating) is a first person adventure game where you find yourself summoned to a remote island filled with mystery. As you make your way forward, an omnipresent voice starts reading fragments of a letter addressed to a certain ‘Esther’. Explore as you try to discover what brought you to this desolate place. And with semi-randomized events and audio, every playthrough is different than the last.

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