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By JD on July 20, 2015 Deal of the Day with 3 Comments

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69% off!

The original battle chess is back, this time enhanced for modern gamers. Archon Classic (78% Rating) will have you test your mettle using teams of fantasy creatures and monsters in the age old battle between good and evil. When you challenge a piece on the chess board, you are teleported to a battle arena where you will duel with the enemy in real-time. Featuring up to 4 player multiplayer modes, 3 different game modes, 3 AI settings with 3 different personalities, and pieces that level up and have abilities, it’s chess as you’ve always wanted it to be.

An evil sorcerer attacks the Kingdom of Alexandria with an army of darkness and kills all the royal guard knights fall in battle – all except you. Castle in the Darkness (76% Rating) is an action platformer that pays tribute to the classic Castlevania and Metroid games. Level up your knight and unlock different abilities. Use over 100 weapons, armor, items and spells in your quest. Battle over 50 challenging bosses. Will you be able to save the princess and restore peace to the kingdom?

44% off!

Minecraft meets Team Fortress? Hell yeah! Blockstorm (72% Rating) takes the block building concept and kicks it up a notch. Customize your character from the head to toes. Design the battlefield with ease and precision, from castles to football stadiums – your imagination is the limit. Choose your weapons and get ready to party! With 6 game modes and a huge arsenal at your disposal, get ready for hours of multiplayer mayhem. Time to get building!

43% off!

Under tons of dirt lies a remembrance of Boarkind’s darkest hours. Can you dig it up? Full Bore (69% Rating) puts you in the shoes… err hooves of a boar in an open-world puzzle game. With over 150 areas of non-linear exploration filled with secrets, and a refreshinh focus on puzzle-solving and discovery over conflict, help Frederick or Hildi find what the are looking for in a world where there is always something new to find.

A woman trapped inside a mysterious totalitatrian state contacts you. Her name is Hope. Now you hack your way into an elaborate surveillance network to guide Hope and help her survive. Republique Remastered (77% Rating) is a five episode adventure with immersive puzles and strategic choices. The story comes alive with incredible voiceover performances from industry veterans. Discover the intriguing story behind the city of Metamorphosis and its self-obsessed dictator. Can you become Hope’s cloak of invisibility?

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