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Take a wild adventure into the depths of randomly generated stages filled with monsters and bosses. Vertical Drop Heroes HD (67% Rating) is a platformer RPG hybrid with rogue-like elements. Choose from different heroes, even the descendants of the ones who have fallen before. Unlock tons of skills, abilities and traits to customize your heroes with. With a unique combat system that focuses on proper planning, persistent upgrades and a challenging variety of enemies and bosses, go deeper and deeper and uncover the true secret behind the game.

Put on your helmet, ace… It’s time to hit the skies! Top Gun Hard Lock (60% Rating) is an arcade flight combat game made in the spirit of the 1986 film. Test your skills as you engage in modern military dogfights while performing barrel rolls, loop de loops, and other airborne tricks. Pick the “Danger Zone” mode to engage endless waves of enemies or go online for up to 16-player multiplayer modes. Do you have what it takes to rise up the ranks from rookie to ace?

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Create your own sorcerer Lord and conquer a limitless number of universes while wielding powerful spells and commanding mighty armies. Worlds of Magic (80% Rating) is a 4X strategy game with procedurally-generated multiverses. Featuring 8 races, over 400 spells, 40 disciplines that grant different bonuses and weaknesses, 7 unique planets, over 50 types of buildings and over unique 100 military units, start your own story in a multiverse with customizable traits and become the legend you were meant to be.

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The classic scrolling shooter is back! Raiden III (67% Rating) brings back the beloved series complete with new concepts and enhancements. Featuring enhancements to two-player co-op like an exclusive new attack and the Double Play mode where lives and bombs are shared, Raiden III brings more tactical depth and difficulty to the tried and tested formula. Battle your way through 7 unique levels – from Earth all the way to outer space. Relive the glory days and get your quarters ready… Oh, right, you won’t need them.

44% off!

Welcome to the city life! And guess what… you’re in charge! Cities XL 2012 (64% Rating) is a city management simulator where you get to build and manage the city of your dreams. With over 60 different environments and 1000 constructable buildings, plan your city and keep your residents’ needs in check. You’ll have to manage every aspect as the mayor, so you better be up for the job. So pick a spot for your city hall and let’s start building!

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