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79% off!

Maximus XV was on course for an uneventful trip when the strong gravitational force of a Nebula swallowed it. It’s passengers quickly found themselves in a battle for survival as they landed on a a ship graveyard filled with other trapped creatures who have learned to survive by feeding on newcomers. Space Hack (63% Rating) puts you in the boots of a hero on a mission to fight through these creatures in a bid to get to the emergency capsule – the survivors’ only chance for salvation. Featuring 45 different environments, over 80 alien creatures, 40 different weapon and lots of high tech items and abilities, can you save your dwindling forces from utter annihilation?

The church and nobles have laid their grip over society for centuries. Now, because of progress brought about by trade and commerce, the middle class has become increasingly more powerful. The Guild 2: Renaissance (64% Rating) is a stand-alone expansion that features a mix of RPG and RTS elements. Featuring 8 new professions, all new scenarios, buildings and goods, and vast improvements to gameplay overall, build your own story and experiment with friends for a really satisfying experience.

It’s like the top-down, action shooters of old, but this time, you’re in a spacecraft with a whole fleet to control. Space Pirates and Zombies (78% Rating), or SPAZ as it’s more popularly known, features 33 ships, 70 unique components to customize your ships with, a persistent randomly generated galaxy and a unique even system that affects the balance of power. Battle evolving zombie ecosystems and claim space domination.

48% off!

Take a step into the world of ABOO (100% Rating) and be challenged by a different kind of match-3 puzzler. You are Plumebloom, a traveler who visits fabulous worlds. Help the hard-working wormlings of Aboo and battle Crowbreak the wizard and Cornix the mad scientist, inventors of the Weapon of Darkness. Can you keep the magic crystals from falling into the wrong hands?

41% off!

Take on a unique tower defense game that takes place inside your own body. In Defend Your Life (70% Rating), hordes of viruses and bacteria are spreading across your body and it’s up to you to put up your defenses against them. With epic battlefields based on real parts of the body, mixture of attack and support towers for better strategies, and powerful heroes and bosses that will put your life on the line. Take back your body from these dreaded infections and restore yourself to the pink of health.

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