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Life is good for Isabella as she recently got engaged to the love of her dreams – Prince Adam. However, after coming home from a trip, she hinds her castle wrapped in an evil curse and everyone in it turned into mirrors. Princess Isabella: A Witch’s Curse (52% Rating) is a hidden object game that has you following a fairy as you piece clues together and solve tricky puzzles to lift the curse. Can you defeat the evil witch and save all your friends and family?

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A young family decides to stop by a mysterious old home for a picnic. The mother decides to take a quick nap but is awakened by a loud crashing sound. She enters the house, worried for her kids, only to find that a mystical mirror has locked them away in a magical world because they destroyed the other mirrors. Mirror Mysteries (61% Rating) has you solving puzzles through 7 enchanted worlds as you try to piece the mirrors back together to save your kids. Will you be able to solve the mirror mysteries?

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It’s time to mark your turf with graffiti while cruising stylishly through the city on your magnetically driven in-line skates. Jet Set Radio (86% Rating) pits you in the city of Tokyo-to, where gangs bid for control and influence. Tag everything – walls, billboards and even rival gang members. Perform flips, grinds and tricks. Recruit over 10 playable characters to your gang, each with their very own graffiti. Just be careful, because the local police force are on the lookout too.

Sonic and the gang are back, this time giving you the choice to either save the world… or conquer it. Play as the heroes – Sonic, Tails and Knuckles, and battle to save the day. Or, crossover to the dark side and use Shadow, Dr. Eggman and Rouge to wreak havoc. Sonic Adventure 2 (84% Rating) pits you in a race to collect the Chaos Emeralds with ove 150 missions through 30 stages. Raise your own pet Chao and play with them in various mini-games, or challenge a friend in kart racing and other competetive modes. The future of the world is in your hands. It’s time to choose!

You are Trane, a young, street smart and athletic graffiti artist. You have your eyes set on becoming the “All City King” – the best of the best of graffiti artists. Mark Ecko’s Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure (74% Rating) puts you on a quest for graffiti supremacy while uncovering the deep dark secrets of the city’s corrupt leader. Use unique fighting techniques while you tag using multiple skills and styles. Save a neighborhood from the oppressive tyrant and use your graffiti to change the world. But you’ll have to be quick. Get in, get up and get out.

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