PC Games Deals 16/09

By JD on September 16, 2015 Deal of the Day with 7 Comments

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Bells are ringing and the sirens are wailing – it’s an emergency! Rescue 2013: Everyday Heroes (50% Rating) mixes simulation, management and real-time strategy with your favorite emergency crews. Recruit personnel from people with a variety of backgrounds. Purchase new vehicles like firetrucks and ambulances and load up on gear like cutting devices, fire hoses and foam cannons. Assign tasks while keeping morale up as you tackle each mission and keep everything in check. Time to do some rescuing.

The hit archery combat game is back with a complete overhaul. TowerFall: Ascension (78% Rating) is the definitive version of the 2D action game with tons of new features. Play solo or with a friend in quest mode, or in 4-player local multiplayer party matches. 50 new versus arenas have been added for a total of 120 unique maps. 4 new unlockable archers added for a total of 8 playable archers. With 75 variations to the types of matches and lots of hidden secrets and surprises, you won’t even know where the time went.

53% off!

How many times have you found yourself hacking and slashing your way through foreboding dungeons for loot and glory? It gets old, right? Well, let Dungeons (59% Rating) mix things up a bit! Play the role of an evil dungeon lord trying to regain his place at the bottom of the dungeon and the height of the dungeon lord hierarchy. 3 boss monsters block your way and 10 different classes of heroes dare to enter your dungeon. Give them hell with 50 different objects and 15 different monsters. The goblin workers are ready to create the dungeon of your dreams. What are your orders?

52% off!

Enter a world that’s both colorful and haunting at the same time. Ilamentia (50% Rating) is a first-person puzzle game where you activate souls in order to escape. Be wary though, as each room’s mechanics differ largely from the rest. With 96 mind-bending levels, make your way through puzzles that will test your brain, reflexes and a whole lot more. Will you be able to escape?

Return to the Chernobyl nuclear reactor site once more in the second episode of the best-selling first-person shooter. S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat (80% Rating) features a story that starts right where the first episode left of. With 2 new monster types, all-new behaviors and abilities for all monsters, atmospheric locations based on their real-world photographs, and up to 32-player online battles, survive the stalker groups and find out what happened to the missing military helicopters.

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