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Ready your troops, commander, and experience the Korean war within enemy lines. Theatre of War 3: Korea (50% Rating) features two campaigns set in the what is called The Forgotten War. Play as the North Koreans, then as the Americans, in historically accurate battlefields with focus on squad controls. With an all-new strategic mode, non-linear campaigns, accurate infantry combat, and lots of new artillery, armor and air units, take part in thrilling skirmishes that helped define a nation.

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Before League of Legends, Infinite Crisis or Heroes of the Storm ever came out. Long before the term Multiplayer Online Battle Arena or MOBA was coined. When DOTA wasn’t at the peak of its popularity yet. A game came out that helped revolutionize the genre. Demigod (73% Rating) puts you in control of one of ten demigods battling to gain their place among the gods. Featuring two types of heroes – assassins and generals. Assassins focus on power and damage while generals focus on control and support. Pick your demigod now and earn your place in Pantheon.

For the first time ever in the series, Front Mission Evolved (59% Rating) goes third-person shooter. Experience the mecha title like never before. The two remaining superpowers of Earth are on the brink of war. You are Dylan Ramsey, a young engineer caught up in a conspiracy that will thrust the entire Earth into war. Get into the cockpit of your Wanzer and get ready to customize your arsenal to fit your ultimate machine of destruction. Are you ready to save the planet?

It’s time to get into the heart of the battle. Men of War: Assault Squad (81% Rating) is a unique take on real-time strategy as it allows you to directly control individual units. Use your environment to your advantage as you ride trains, hide in trenches and garrison in buildings. With access to 5 different nations, increased realism and accessibility, and almost limitless replayability, it’s a sure treat for RTS gamers and fans of WWII games alike.

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You are a freelance journalist who went to Moscow for a routine story… or so you thought. Half a day after arriving, you’re beaten unconcious then detained in the KGB’s political prison. Cold War (64% Rating) follows the adventures of Matt Carter as he gets caught in an international conspiracy for control of the USSR. Use stealth or brute force as you go through an interactive non-linear world with accurate recreations of Soviet locations. Imrpovise and turn everything you pick up into a tool for survival. So much for your story, right?

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