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After his last case, Red Johnson, a private detective, has made himself popular. So popular in fact that the mafia has put a mark on his head. Red Johnson’s Chronicles: One Against All (79% Rating) has you investigating the disappearance of Red’s brother. Collect clues and solve puzzles in a dark world filled with touch characters and made with a touch of humor. With only a severed finger to prove your brother is still alive, will you be able to discover the truth and save him?

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The original battle chess is back, this time enhanced for modern gamers. Archon Classic (78% Rating) will have you test your mettle using teams of fantasy creatures and monsters in the age old battle between good and evil. When you challenge a piece on the chess board, you are teleported to a battle arena where you will duel with the enemy in real-time. Featuring up to 4 player multiplayer modes, 3 different game modes, 3 AI settings with 3 different personalities, and pieces that level up and have abilities, it’s chess as you’ve always wanted it to be.

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As the grandson of William Gordon, his tragic death has hit you deeply. And though the rest of the Gordon family have accepted his death, you still have doubts lurking in the back of your head. Black Mirror (73% Rating) has you playing as Sam as he uncovers a curse that has haunted his family since the Middle Ages and will not stop until it has claimed every last one of them. Solve logical, environmental and tactile puzzles as you explore more than 100 different locations through six comprehensive chapters. But be careful, because not everything is as it seems.

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So you think racing real cars is boring? Well, take these babies out for a spin! Flashout 2 (85% Rating) is an anti-gravity racer that features high-speed crafts with devastating weapons. Speed through 10 highly-detailed futuristic tracks with unique game modes and challenges. With massive improvements in steering and controls, physics, AI and overall gameplay, it’s pure adrenaline-pumping action that’ll get racing and action fans quickly hooked.

Harry Larkin’s aviation business is on the brink of going bankrupt. Now, it’s up to him and his sons to save it. Built using the same engine used for Arma 2, Take On Helicopters (71% Rating) is a flight sim that offers rich landscapes and authentic models. Enjoy cruising above an accurate depiction of Seattle or enjoy the adventure through South Asia. Learn to fly 3 classes of helicopters with something to offer for newcomers and flight simulation enthusiasts alike. So enough with the cars and the bikes, it’s time to take on helicopters!

After a catastrophic war, the Earth has been left almost uninhabitable. Our last hope is Taurus, a moon in a distant planetary system. There lies the key to restoring Earth’s water supply. Carrier Command: Gaea Mission (56% Rating) follows your exploits as you rise through the ranks from rookie to carrier commander. Establish a network of island bases as you explore, build, mine and hunt down enemies. Switch from strategy to action on the fly by taking direct control of any unit. Upgrade your weapons and units to ensure victory. The fate of the planet rests in your hands.

It’s 1946 and the Nazis are close to winning World War II. You are BJ Blazkowicz, and your mission is the allied forces’ only hope of tipping the war in their favor. Wolfenstein: The Old Blood (77% Rating) is a prequel to The New Order and has you breaking into Castle Wolfenstein to steal the coordinates of General Deathshead’s secret base. Experience thrilling action with all-new Nazi-inspired weapons, breath-taking locations, and the most terrifying Nazi creations yet. To top it all of, an obsessed Nazi archaeologist is about to unleash a dark and ancient power. Time to kick some Nazi butt!

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