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72% off!

Step into a the wild west where guns are always blazing and outlaws rule the streets. Secret Ponchos (67% Rating) is an isometric fighting game. Don’t be fooled, this is no MOBA, as battles are fast-paced and victory requires precision and quick reflexes. With multiple unique outlaws to choose from, each with their own playstyle and skills, extensive line of sight system, lots of different game modes, and tons of unlockables, form a gang and wreak havoc or kill everything in sight as a lone wolf. Draw!

56% off!

Take a break from all the fast-paced games you’ve been playing lately and pick up a game that lets you slow down. Astroslugs (74% Rating) is a colorful and soothing puzzle game that you can easily pick up. Solve puzzles by filling all available spaces with different shapes. The mechanics are simple, and yet there are multiple ways to solve each puzzle. Help the Astroslugs find a good energy source so they can set off on their quest to conquer the universe. Not really a good source of motivation, I know.

One of the most popular D&D video games has returned! Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition (83% Rating) collects the original game and its two expansions with enhanced visuals, a new interface and lots of other cool new features. Experience the adventure in the northernmost reaches of the Forgotten Realms and journey into the Spine of the World. With new kits and classes, new magic, armor and weapons, new spells and items and cross-platform coop gameplay, relive this epic adventure and face the evil that lurks in the mountains.

It is the darkest age of Japan. The nation is torn by war and the once unified government has been split into several warring clans. Total War: Shogun 2 (88% Rating) combines real-time and turn-based strategy for the ultimate war experience. Bear witness to land and sea battles rendered in full 3D. Lead armies of samurai and gigantic warships as you build your kingdom and do everything you can to make it prosper. Balance economic, political and military power and let your name be revered, or feared, throughout Japan.

32% off!

You are King Zyron III, ruler of all known lands. One faithful hunting trip, however, changed everything. The Waste Land (90% Rating) is a metroidvania style game inspired by T.S. Eliot’s poem of the same name. Featuring 7 continents to explore, 10 deadly weapons to wield, 5 mutated bosses to slay, and lots of secrets and bonuses, venture forth to right what you have done wrong and repair the rip in the balance of nature.

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