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58% off!

Welcome to a surreal 16-bit world waiting to be explored. Anodyne (70% Rating) takes you on a strange adventure in a creepy and abstract world created by Young’s subconcious. Use your trusty broom to dispose of enemies and solve puzzles. Experience lots of weird encounters through varied environments. With a fitting soundtrack that heightens the strange vibe, get lost in this game that’s reminiscent of Zelda games, in a really odd way.

57% off!

In a world made up of all the dreams, imaginations and nightmares of humans, peace is a fragile thing. Isbarah (70% Rating) has you controlling Iria, the daughter of the strict ruler of this world. Be your father’s weapon and shield as you embark on a mission to destroy those who threaten the peace. Prove your skill in a unique cross between bullet hell and action platforming that will have you jumping and dashing to survive. Are you that good at dodging?

38% off!

The hit PC puzzle game is back! Puzzler World 2 (55% Rating) introduces over 1200 new puzzles and bonus games. Play a wide variety of puzzles and unlock additional bonus games as you progress. Challenge yourself more with the brand new Master Mode. Spin the wheel and claim different prizes. Will you be able to solve every puzzle?

Bring all your Disney fantasies to life with the Disney Princess and Fairy Pack (72% Rating). With 5 games bundled into one, you can live out each adventure over and over again. Play as Tinker Bell, Tiana, Rapunzel, Merida, and a whole lot more. Bring magic home to your children or to the child in you and journey into faraway lands as you do what you can to get to your “happily ever after”.

28% off!

The race is about to start, but leave your helmets and racing suits behind. We’re racing RC Cars (65% Rating)! Choose from a variety of unique toy racing vehicles and speed through challenging tracks with fully interactive environments. With a physics engine that outperforms majority of the car simulators out there now, multiplayer support via LAN or Internet, and an amazing racing/driving experience that rivals those of bigger titles, it’ll get your adrenaline-pumping without you risking breaking a limb or two.

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