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A secret organization of assassins has been preying on the locals. It is up to an unlikely partnership between Soul and Shang to strike them all down. Rain Blood Chronicles: Mirage (73% Rating) lets you switch between these two martial artists on the fly and wield two completely different fighting styles to defeat everyone in your way. Use different weapons, abilities and unique items through 8 distinct levels as you collect books, letters and drawings that tell the complete story behind mirage. Play with a friend in local coop and unleash the wrath of both heroes at once.

Step into the shoes of an owner of a cargo transportation company and test you hand at growing a small time service to a massive business empire. Freight Tycoon Inc. (67% Rating) features 30 interactive 3D maps, 3 levels of office development, over 100 car models and a whole lot more. Make contracts, buy and sell, employ and dismiss, all in the name of making a name. Will you be able to fully realize the tycoon in you?

68% off!

Raise your faerie pet and repopulate the magical land of Avalon – all by playing cards! Faerie Solitaire (70% Rating) puts a twist on the classic card game and takes you through a fantastic adventure. With over 40 levels through 8 worlds, 32 pets to find, hatch and evolve, and an amazing amount of depth and strategy hidden beneath the cutesy graphics, it’s a little gem that will have you playing for hours. Are you ready to save the faeries?

It’s time for some RPG and RTS mix! Zazhut is free, and now Eo is in terrible danger. The Shaikan is no match for what’s coming, but you, one of the elders, cannot and will not give up. Spellforce 2: Demons of the Past (61% Rating) features 8 worlds including 5 new ones, a gripping narrative that continues the story of all previous games, new items and sets, and various game modes – both for single and multiplayer. Will you be able to hold your ground against the greatest threat Eo has ever faced?

63% off!

In a world made up of all the dreams, imaginations and nightmares of humans, peace is a fragile thing. The Designed, creatures shaped by the thoughts of people, are under attack by the Designless, creatures made up of unfinished concepts or ideas. Isbarah (70% Rating) has you controlling Iria, the daughter of the strict ruler of this world. Be your father’s weapon and shield as you embark on a mission to destroy those who threaten the peace. Prove your skill in a unique cross between bullet hell and action platforming that will have you jumping and dashing to survive. Are you that good at dodging?

61% off!

The race is about to start, but leave your helmets and racing suits behind. We’re racing RC Cars (65% Rating)! Choose from a variety of unique toy racing vehicles and speed through challenging tracks with fully interactive environments. With a physics engine that outperforms majority of the car simulators out ther now, multiplayer support via LAN or Internet, and an amazing racing/driving experience that rivals those of bigger titles, it’ll get your adrenaline-pumping without you risking breaking a limb or two.

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