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As the story nears its epic conclusion, Marine and her friends find themselves almost out of time. With just six days left to find the four remaining warriors, will they be ready in time for the legendary showdown with the thirteen powerful warriors of Mystrock? Millennium 4: Beyond Sunset (88% Rating) continues the epic saga in what has been dubbed as the most suspenseful, thrilling and emotional entry in the series yet.

Marine and friends are back in another epic adventure in Millennium 3: Cry Wolf (93% Rating). Explore the east to find new warriors to help with the upcoming showdown with the Lords of Mystrock. Get sidetracked with 40 engaging side quests and battle superb monsters including 11 Animal Kings. Will you be able to stay out of trouble? Find out in the best installment yet of the award-winning series.

Isaac’s mother has to prove her faith by offering a sacrifice. Issac escapes his dire fate by going into the basement. There he is confronted by a multitude of deranged enemies, lost brothers and sister, and his mother. The Binding of Isaac (80% Rating) is an action RPG shooter that features randomly generated dungeons, items, enemies and bosses. With over 100 unique items, 50+ enemy types, over 20 bosses, and 3+ unlockable classes, this game offers hundreds of hours of fun with each playthrough different than the last.

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Several scientists are trapped underground. It’s up to you to maneuver through a range of cavernous environments to save them. Pixeljunk Shooter (80% Rating) is a masterpiece artwork with its beautiful minimalistic graphics and a fitting soundtrack. Navigate through 15 stages while manipulating water, magma and a mysterious magnetic black goo to clear your path. Bring a friend and play in local coop. Will you be able to save all the scientists?

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Runers (68% Rating) is a rouge-like dungeon shooter that lets you gather up runes and combine them to discover up to 285 unique spells. Choose from 20 races and 20 classes and explore a vast underground labyrinth that changes with each playthrough. Upgrade your spells and make them even more powerful. With over 50 traits to improve as you level up, 100+ random enemies and 15+ random bosses to fight, and 5 difficulty levels to challenge, it’s an enjoyable treat with high replayability. Be careful though, as dying once means your playthrough is done.

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Explore the mysterious planet of Hollow Wish as Kit Ballard, one of the best bounty hunters in the galaxy. Blade Kitten (57% Rating) has you going through 13 colorful levels while using Kit’s feline abilities to fight your way through enemies and discover hidden areas. Get on your trusty mount Noot and explore farther. Use your Darque Blade to lay waste to everyone who stands in your way. Get help from Skiffy, your laid-back sidekick and protector. Will you be able to keep Hollow Wish safe from the forces plotting in the shadows?

You are Geralt of Rivia – a witcher! Trained in the trade of monster hunting and mutated from early childhood to gain superhuman abilites, you strike balance in a monster-infested world – but only if the pay is good. This time however, you are tasked to track down a child of prophecy that could either save or destroy the world. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (93% Rating) is the critically-acclaimed next chapter of the adventures of Geralt. Freely explore a vast open world filled with side quests and lore. Enjoy a refined battle system and consequential decision making that shape the world you live in. This is THE game you have been waiting for.

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