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78% off!

A young student named Erin becomes the victim of an experiment that goes out of control and ends up trapping her in the Dreamscape (86% Rating). Now, equipped with magical headphones that allow her to visit the dreams of people she meets, she ventures to find a way to free herself. With over 30 hours of play time, a cute and funny story, unique gameplay mechanics, and tons of in-game awards, it showcases the quality Adorlea has been known for in games like The Book of Legends and the Millennium series.

75% off!

Dare to put your life on the line as you try to save others! Choplifter HD (67% Rating) is a side-scrolling shooter where you pilot different helicopters through 30 thrilling missions. Bank, hover, touch-down and shake off enemies through various environments. Take out enemy forces as you lock on and unleash advanced weaponry. Extract prisoners and rescue soldiers trapped in enemy fire. Will you be able to complete your mission, or will you end up giving the ultimate sacrifice?

60% off!

Venture forth into the far reaches of space and build your empire for galactic domination. Stardrive (64% Rating) is a 4X Space Strategy game where you conquer new worlds, build colonies and defend everything you have from those who dare try to take it. Featuring 8 alien races, different kinds of planets to terraform and colonize, a deep research system, modular ship customizations, and real-time strategy gameplay, explore what the universe has to offer and lay claim to everything you touch – lest others steal them from you.

It’s like the top-down, action shooters of old, but this time, you’re in a spacecraft with a whole fleet to control. Space Pirates and Zombies (78% Rating), or SPAZ as it’s more popularly known, features 33 ships, 70 unique components to customize your ships with, a persistent randomly generated galaxy and a unique even system that affects the balance of power. Battle evolving zombie ecosystems and claim space domination.

Satisfy your tower defense yearnings with as you take on the role of Tikiman and defend your realm and offspring from hordes of monsters. PixelJunk Monsters Ultimate (72% Rating) takes you through 3 unique islands with 47 diverse environments – all of which you’ll need to protect. Strategically place powerful weapon towers to stop the monsters from advancing. Visit the mysterious Tum-Tum island that randomly generates levels for a new challenge every time. Can you defend against these strange yet adorable monsters, or will you offspring become their next snack?

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