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It’s time to go on an expedition with Hamilton’s Great Adventure (75% Rating). Help Ernest Hamilton, explorer extraordinaire, and his bird, Sasha, through over 60 levels of puzzle platforming. Get help from a friend to get Sasha to clear obstacles for Hamilton. Explore various locations such as the Jungles of the Amazon and the Mountains of the Himalaya. Step aside, Indiana, it’s Hamilton’s time.

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Explore a lost world filled with vast abandoned monuments. Kairo (76% Rating) is a first-person exploration and puzzle-solving game. Discover a world realized in full 3D as you discover this unique world and its story without any text. Enjoy puzzles embedded in abstract architecture and discover the true purpose of this world. You don’t know this yet, but it is your destiny. Support for Oculus Rift DK1 for PC and Mac is included.

55% off!

Help 4 spirits wrought with guilt and fear find redemption as they embark on an epic quest to vanquish The Dark One, an demon whom they themselves were tricked into unleashing unto the world. Dungeon Hearts (69% Rating) is a fusion of the classic match-3 puzzle gameplay with action-RPGs. Align runes in fast-paced battle to inflict devastating damage, defend against enemy attacks, or unleash a mighty combo. Level up and customize 4 unique heroes in randomly generated battle sequences with lots of secrets to discover. Are you ready to save the world?

Squishy – The Suicidal Pig (100% Rating) only has one goal – to be reunited with his parents in animal heaven. So, what’s the most sensible thing to do? Why, make a deal with the devil of course. Wait… what?! With over 40 difficult levels, minigames, lots of hats, and a speedrun mode, journey through forests, deadly, deserts, snowy mountains and even to outer space. It’s one of the most challenging platformers you’ll ever play. Warning: May cause you to throw your controller to the wall.

52% off!

After years of confinement and torture, you must now escape HEKTOR (55% Rating), a covert research facility hidden deep underneath northern Greenland. Fight to overcome your psychosis as it threatens to take over your mind at any time. Explore a world that evolves right before your eyes and the same corridor you passed might no longer be there when you return. Lose the horrific monster that keeps chasing you and avoid others that will give off your location. Learn about the dark past of the facility and ultimately gain your freedom… or lose your mind in the process.

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