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64% off !

No, it’s not a pop-up book. It’s a game inside a pop-up book! Tengami (80% Rating) is a unique adventure game with atmospheric art inspired by Japanese art and crafts. Fold and slide beautifully crafted paper to explore, solve puzzles and discover secrets. With advanced technology specifically developed for the game, everything you see in Tengami is made with such detail and precision that you can recreate them in the real world with some paper and glue.

40% off !

It’s time again for some hardcore real-time strategy action – this time in full 3D. Z: Steel Soldiers (74% Rating) gets you into the fray quickly for some humorous comic book style battles in realstic 3D environments. Take control of robotic soldiers and vehicles in intense, fast-paced battles. With arcade style immediacy, advanced AI and over 30 non-linear missions spread across 6 worlds, it’s a solid game that offers good old solid fun.

40% off !

Your plane has crash landed, and you are the lone survivor. Now you find yourself trapped in a heavily forested island. You soon discover that you are not alone. In this horror survival FPS, you find yourself building your shelter and gathering supplies by day, and defending it – and yourself – from cannibalistic mutants by night. These mutants almost seem human, and yet they will stop at nothing until they have you for dinner. Will you survive The Forest (82% Rating)?

Welcome to the most massive sandbox game you can find today. Galactic Civilizations III (76% Rating) has substantially more depth and scale than any of it predecessors – or most strategy games for that matter. Never engage in the same battles twice as each game is given a unique map with unique worlds and challenges. Immerse yourself in a 20-year story arc as you lead humanity in the 23rd century. Create your own faction with it’s own look, ships and abilities. With so much to play around with, it’ll have you experimenting and colonizing for a really long time.

21% off !

Who said 2D fighters were dead? Skullgirls (79% Rating) features gorgeously hand-drawn characters at high resolution with the most frames of animation per character of any fighting game. Play 1-on-1 up to 3-on-3 with the Variable Tag Battle system. Test your skills with lag-free online brawls. With deep combos and unique moves, this is a tournament-grade fighter that’s gained a loyal fanbase due to its quality.


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  1. June 11, 2015, 10:44

    THAT CODE thing is kinda difficult..hope u will remove it soon guys

    • ADMIN-Juvy says
      June 12, 2015, 06:16

      We’re sorry, we cannot remove the giveaway code that is one of our giveaway ways of entries. If you find it too hard I suggest you should try other entries. But honestly, we make the Giveaway Code viewable just to help our viewer to find it easy. 🙂

  2. Flash RS says
    June 10, 2015, 23:59

    Great deals!!
    And thank you for this giveaway!! 😀

  3. June 10, 2015, 16:24

    The Forest is really nice, and devs are working hard to get it out from Early Access.

  4. June 10, 2015, 15:32

    Tengami definitely looked interesting. I may have to give that one a try. Thanks for the giveaway!

  5. June 10, 2015, 11:53

    good price drops,although i can’t find the code in the video.


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