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PC Games Deals 09/10

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78% off!

The race is about to start, but leave your helmets and racing suits behind. We’re racing RC Cars (65% Rating)! Choose from a variety of unique toy racing vehicles and speed through challenging tracks with fully interactive environments. With a physics engine that outperforms majority of the car simulators out there now, multiplayer support via LAN or Internet, and an amazing racing/driving experience that rivals those of bigger titles, it’ll get your adrenaline-pumping without you risking breaking a limb or two.

Ready your troops, commander, and experience the Korean war within enemy lines. Theatre of War 3: Korea (50% Rating) features two campaigns set in the what is called The Forgotten War. Play as the North Koreans, then as the Americans, in historically accurate battlefields with focus on squad controls. With an all-new strategic mode, non-linear campaigns, accurate infantry combat, and lots of new artillery, armor and air units, take part in thrilling skirmishes that helped define a nation.

Step into the shoes of an owner of a cargo transportation company and test you hand at growing a small time service to a massive business empire. Freight Tycoon Inc. (67% Rating) features 30 interactive 3D maps, 3 levels of office development, over 100 car models and a whole lot more. Make contracts, buy and sell, employ and dismiss, all in the name of making a name. Will you be able to fully realize the tycoon in you?

Step back into the legendary world of Woodland, where immortal heroes and mythical creatures abound. Konung 3: Ties of The Dynasty (66% Rating) is a role-playing game based on Scandinavian and Slavic mythology. The Era of Titans has ended, and it is now time for new heroes to arise. Go on a quest to retrieve the legendary Champion Sword and ascend to the throne of Grand Principality. Adventure through interactive environments, create unique weapons and armor, wield devastating spells, and claim supremacy over all those who choose to rival you.

68% off!

Test your wits in a chaotic coop action puzzler as you solve interactive riddles and make your way through a maze of tricks. In Tiny Brains (59% Rating), you play as one of four super-powered lab animals trying to escape a mad scientist’s experiments. You won’t make it out alone, so you’ll have to think collectively with your friends to get past each obstacle. With multiple ways to solve each puzzle, a crazy and colorful artstyle that brings life to the mad scientist’s lab, and simple yet challenging mechanics built for casual and hardcore puzzlers alike, escape from the lab or fall victim to the next experiment.

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  2. tehimagnex says
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    This is old game but it looks awesome good luck everybody !

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    beautiful deals and thanks for giveaway

    the best site for sale games

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    The best store to buy a Knights and Merchants Cd key is Kinguin.

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    October 9, 2015, 18:37

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    October 9, 2015, 16:05

    Good deals! RC Cars is funny! And there’s also multiplayer!
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    Great deals here, and also daily game giveaway, can’t find that anywhere except this great site 😀

  11. Minh Trinh says
    October 9, 2015, 14:08

    this is awesome man i have to buy it but the game is kind of old


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