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In the gothic-noir world of Borgovia, mad science threatens peace between monsters and men. Step into the boots of Van Helsing (76% Rating), a monster-hunter extraordinaire, and fight off hordes of monsters with the help of the beautiful Lady Katarina. Change your skill build on the fly, use your companion’s special abilities, build and develop your hideout and battle fierce supernatural foes in this isometric action role playing game Diablo and Torchlight fans will definitely get hooked to right away.

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The world has fallen to chaos. The undead stalk the streets and the living kill one another for survival. Dead State (64% Rating) pits you into the heart of Texas where you must organize and lead a group of survivors. Fortify your shelter, scavenge for food and supplies, negotiate or defend against other factions, and fight for survival as you try to maintain order within your own ranks. With all-new features and enhancements added, it’s a turned-based RPG experience that pays tribute to the likes of Fallout, XCom and Suikoden.

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Welcome to the beautiful yet mystical world of Fract (65% Rating), once built on sound but has since been abandoned. Explore the vast and open world and solve music-based puzzles. Create music and shape sound as you progress. The games background score evolves as you do so too. Compose your own music in the studio and share it with others. The possibilities are endless in a world where music abounds.

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Two doctors have come up with a way to give people a chance at a different life, but only in their heads. The downside, it’s the last thing anyone undergoing the operation remembers. Thus, the operation is done only on people on their deathbeds. To The Moon (84% Rating) follows the story of Dr. Rosalene and Dr. Watts as they give Johnny, a dying old man, the chance to fulfill his last wish – to go to the moon. A classic adventure game presented in 16-bit RPG visuals with a highly-acclaimed original soundtrack, discover a story that’s deep, touching and buried in time.

You are Artyom, a guilt-ridden yet hopeful survivor. The world has been plunged into chaos as humans have been forced to live underground by the threat of poisonous gas and mutants lurking above. Metro Last Light Redux (78% Rating) is the definitive version of the highly acclaimed story-driven shooter. It includes all previously released DLC, gameplay enhancements and visual upgrades. Civil war is stirring and you hold our last hope. Can you be humanity’s last light?

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