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You wake up outside a small town. A storm has just passed and the sun is about to go down. Your mind can’t quite make sense of how you got here, but your body shivers as if telling you it remembers well. Enigmatis: The Ghosts of Maple Creek (79% Rating) puts you on a mission to find a missing girl and save yourself from the ancient evil that lurks in this seemingly peaceful land. It’s a hidden-object, puzzle-adventure game that belongs in the library of every fan of the genre… and those who are aren’t quite convinced yet.

41% off !

Imagine Counter-Strike with divers and sharks instead of counter-terrorists and terrorists – that’s Depth (72% Rating)! Imagine an FPS that has you going underwater to retrieve treasure while trying to avoid vicious sharks that can come out from virtually anywhere. If that’s not enough excitement, imagine playing as the shark, lurking and patiently waiting for the divers to let down their guards. Now stop imagining… just start playing!

27% off !

You are Major Fletcher, an army combat veteran who is about to be pulled into a conflict between two of mankind’s greatest enemy. With fast-paced, old-school shooter gameplay, hordes of enemies and epic boss fights, a deep weapon upgrade system, a stunning cyberpunk/dark sci-fi setting, and impressive physics, Hard Reset (71% Rating) won’t have you going for the reset button anytime soon.

Welcome to the most massive sandbox game you can find today. Galactic Civilizations III (76% Rating) has substantially more depth and scale than any of it predecessors – or most strategy games for that matter. Never engage in the same battles twice as each game is given a unique map with unique worlds and challenges. Immerse yourself in a 20-year story arc as you lead humanity in the 23rd century. Create your own faction with it’s own look, ships and abilities. With so much to play around with, it’ll have you experimenting and colonizing for a really long time.

Lead your gang in a violent turf war that’s about to get uglier as the authorities get involved. Saints Row – The Third (82% Rating) let’s you explore the open-world city of Steelport, a bustling city under siege by The Syndicate. Rake in cash and earn respect as you buy land, weapons and upgrades, and unlock new abilities for you and your members. Can you take control of the city?


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  1. Flex says
    June 9, 2015, 23:46

    The best store to buy Rainbow Six Siege is GamingDragons.com.

  2. June 9, 2015, 20:52

    the best Allkeyshop! you are the best
    thank you for the daily opportunities!

  3. Flash RS says
    June 9, 2015, 20:47

    Great deals!!
    And thanks for this awesome giveaway!! 😀

  4. June 9, 2015, 15:39

    Enigmatis as well as Galactic Civ III look amazing! I’ll definitely need to look into getting these while they’re cheaper! Thanks for the giveaway as well!


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