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By JD on June 8, 2015 Deal of the Day with 6 Comments

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55% off !

Get back into the cockpit and relive the action as the classic flight-combat action game gets an HD upgrade. That’s right! Wings! (67% Rating) is back – with upgraded graphics, expanded gameplay and a completely re-scored orchestral soundtrack. Experience World War I as a combat pilot from the 56th Squadron and lay waste to hordes of enemies over 230 diverse missions. It’s a nostalgic offering right out of the Amiga days that’s sure to please old-timers and young’uns alike.

Lead your civilization through hostile territories and dominate the galaxy. Galactic Civilizations II Ultimate Edition (80% Rating) includes Dread Lords and the expansions, Dark Avatar and Twilight of the Arnor. Balance economic, technological, diplomatic, cultural and military power to wage war, build alliances and protect your worlds. With unique technology trees per civilization, planetary improvements, new types of ships, and much more, this award-winning turn-based strategy offers hours and hours of quality gameplay.

50% off !

Deadcore (78% Rating) is a unique platformer-FPS riddled with environmental puzzles. Climb up a gigantic tower while avoiding its defensive systems, featuring gorgeous sci-fi graphics with impressive physics. Make your way past robots, turrets and shifting platforms, all while uncovering the secrets of this strange universe.

Often times compared to Burnout, Ridge Racer Unbounded (70% Rating) let’s you kick into high-gear and enjoy arcade racing to the fullest. Who needs traditional racing machines when you can get behind the wheels of dozens of badass street machines, including the legendary Angel and Devil cars. Cutting-edge physics and effects will have you destroying everything in your path as you prove your worth and expand your turf.

33% off !

It’s city-building simulation combined with real-time strategy – SimCity meets Age of Empires. Return to the classic time of one of the greatest empires in history in Grand Ages: Rome (71% Rating). Explore, expand, exploit and exterminate as you go through epic campaigns for the glory of the empire. Make friends or foes of more than 20 historical figures and show off your power by erecting legendary monuments.


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