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54% off !

Still Life 2 (64% Rating) comes back for more crime mystery solving. This time, though, you take on the role of two unlikely characters caught in a sinister plot. Help Paloma Hernandez survive as she is abducted by the East Coast Torturer. Guide Victoria McPherson as you inch closer to catching the assailant. Meticulous and methodical, the East Coast Torturer may jsut prove to be too much of a challenge. Can you make it in time?

Experience the immersive team play of Battlefield 3 in tight indoor environments in Close Quarters (77% Rating), the themed expansion pack that brings you unprecedented high definition destruction, new ways to play and more weapons. Experience frantic close quarters infantry combat where death can come from everywhere. Gear up soldier, it’s time to lock and load!

35% off !

In a world where freedom and individuality do not exist, can you break free as the freerunner who can’t be held down by the system? Vector (69% Rating) is an arcade-style game where you run, vault, slide and climb using Parkour techniques and spectacular moves. Escape from “Big Brother” in sophisticated levels that challenge you with timing puzzles and fast-paced platforming. Are you ready to break loose?

Imagine waking up from one nightmare to another. Imagine the nightmares getting worse and worse everytime you wake up. Inspired by the lead designer’s personal struggles with OCD and depression, Neverending Nightmares (69% Rating) follows the story of Thomas, a man suffering from an endless string of nightmares. With a 2D hand-drawn line art style heavily influenced by the works of Edward Gorey, and sound and music that make you feel the emotions of the character, it’s a game that will give you a different perspective on horror.


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