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72% off!

Turn back time and take control of a nation as you guide it through industrialization, building up military power, and, ultimately, colonization. Pride of Nations (70% Rating) is a turn-based strategy game that lets you play as one of the world’s superpowers between 1850 and 1920. With an original diplomacy system, a revolutionary army and fleet building system, strong AI with new game mechanisms, and a detailed world economy, bring your nation to the peak of its power and influence and take your rightful place in history.

60% off!

Load up your guns, it’s time for some bullet mayhem. Booster Trooper (68% Rating) is a fast-paced multiplayer platformer shooter that lets your run and fly around the map while blasting enemies with a variety of weapons. Each weapon has unique properties and will require different tactics to unleash its full potential. Practice with bots then take it online to duke it out with up to 11 other players. Climb up the leaderboards and prove you’re the best out there. Get yourself ready for one wild ride!

59% off!

Go on an epic adventure and help Lumi find her missing Grandad in Lumino City (74% Rating). Immerse yourself in the charming art style and award-winning gameplay. Explore gardens in the sky, towers on a gigantic waterwheel, and houses within cliffs. Solve puzzles and help the inhabitants of this unique city as you continue on your quest. With the city built by the developers by hand and laser cutter and each motor and light wired up individually, each scene comes to life with precision and beauty. Are you ready to uncover Grandad’s secrets?

52% off!

After years of confinement and torture, you must now escape HEKTOR (55% Rating), a covert research facility hidden deep underneath northern Greenland. Fight to overcome your psychosis as it threatens to take over your mind at any time. Explore a world that evolves right before your eyes and the same corridor you passed might no longer be there when you return. Lose the horrific monster that keeps chasing you and avoid others that will give off your location. Learn about the dark past of the facility and ultimately gain your freedom… or lose your mind in the process.

48% off!

Relive the glory days of the good, old 16-bit platformers of the early 90’s. In JumpJet Rex (57% Rating), you are a cute, little dinosaur wearing a pair of jet boots. Challenge yourself, others or the world’s best with the added time challenge twist. Jump, dash and fly through different environments together with your friends in co-op mode. Customize your dinosaur and your base with different collectibles found in secret areas scattered throughout the game. Save all of dinokind in style and live to jump another day.

43% off!

Time for a unique take on the classic point-and- click gameplay. Finding Teddy (61% Rating) pits you in a three-chapter adventure with dozens of riddles and side quests and zero dialogue. Yup, you read that right – there’s no dialogue at all. Riddles and music are the focus of the game. Save your Teddy Bear from the monster from your cupboard as you step into a strange and magical land filled with monsters and odd creatures. Will you be able to find Teddy?

History as we know it has changed, and now the whole world of Dragon Ball is in peril. You have been summoned by Shenron to aid Trunks and the other heroes of Dragon Ball to go back in time and save us all from catastrophe. Dragon Ball Xenoverse (76% Rating) puts you in the shoes of a new warrior born out of the wishes of Trunks and charged to save the world from the effects of the time rift created by the Bandits of Time. Select one of the characters of Dragon Ball to train under and develop powerful skills and abilities. Fight alongside your heroes now! Will you be able to set things right?

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    Great deals! Dragon Ball Xenoverse is awesome!
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