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69 % off !

Knock Knock (66% Rating). This game is a pretty much a bit of everything. Horror, jumpscares, mystery and a great mix of 3D world and 2D objects in a platform game. This is such a strange game, though it’s not really super scary, but it does have its moments. The music and the setting make a great creepy atmosphere to it, making it an exciting game to play at night. Something strange is coming out of the woods and it’s going to be dangerous game of hide-and-seek. It’s a pretty solid game.

62% off !

F1 2010 (82% Rating) F1 2010 gamers will take on the full challenge of a variety of game modes including Grand Prix, Championship, Time Trial and an extensive, innovative Career mode. After years of waiting F1 comes with  complete simulation that captures the key elements of a great racing game. F1 2010 also  features a highly advanced damage model, fully dynamic weather system and more competitive multiplayer options.

Legend of Grimrock 2 (84% Rating) is a dungeon crawling RPG like no other, introducing a modern approach yet still keeps some of its classic elements. It is way better than the original game, introducing a variety of character classes, new weapons, dual wielding and adding a new race on the process! It is now bigger, better, harder, and presents more variety and challenging puzzles. If you like old school dungeon crawlers this game is definitely worth the money!

Command your own German army and journey through some of the most famous and dangerous battles of the war, leading the mighty Wehrmacht on a path of glory towards Moscow. The game features a wide variety of maps and battle stages that makes it Frontline so different and engaging.If you’re looking for an affordable, fun, tactical strategy game that’s simple to learn and satisfying to master, Frontline : Road to Moscow (60% Rating) is the perfect game for you.

36% off !

F1 2011 (82% Rating) is a brilliant, fantastic Formula One game! Players face the ultimate challenge of being the best driver in the world. This game has amazing ultra graphics, realistic F1 car models, authentic look of the drivers, greatly designed tracks of F1 2011 season. So many amazing details, car setups will keep you chasing for a good time on the racetrack . This is one game is highly recommended to anyone that has any interest in racing sims.

Another Perspective (73% Rating) is a puzzle platformer that takes puzzle games to a whole new level, featuring a confusing, yet intriguing parallax view to its gameplay. It is an awesome strategy game and it involves a bit of humor too, making it the game extremely likeable. Fun to play, easy to learn the controls, and presents a new challenge around every corner. You take on the role of a person who can swap minds with what seems to be other versions of himself who all see the world in different perspectives.


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  1. László says
    June 6, 2015, 08:26

    Amazing prices, thank you Allkeyshop! I would buy F1 2010!

  2. June 5, 2015, 20:00

    Another day, another giveaway
    best web ever
    thank you allkeyshop

  3. Flash RS says
    June 5, 2015, 19:17

    Great deals for F1!!
    Thanks for this awesome giveaway!!! 😀

  4. June 5, 2015, 15:40

    Not really sure what some of these games are, but after watching the video, I’m more inclined to consider getting some of them. Thanks for the deals guys!

  5. June 5, 2015, 14:26

    Oh nice price for Legend of Grimrock 2; this game looks interesting!


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