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It’s time to go on an expedition with Hamilton’s Great Adventure (75% Rating). Help Ernest Hamilton, explorer extraordinaire, and his bird, Sasha, through over 60 levels of puzzle platforming. Get help from a friend to get Sasha to clear obstacles for Hamilton. Explore various locations such as the Jungles of the Amazon and the Mountains of the Himalaya. Step aside, Indiana, it’s Hamilton time.

59% off !

Enjoy a triple A experience in an indie game. Ocean City Racing (66% Rating) is an open world driving game made with Unreal Engine 3. Explore the massive play area in Free Roam and discover fascinating places in and out of the city. Enjoy different challenges in Time Trial Mode and prove you’re the best driver in Race Mode. With over 20 highly detailed vehicles of different types, racing and driving fanatics will find plenty to enjoy in this impressive indie offering.

48% off !

People have always seen mages as squishy, glass cannons whose only role is to support others from the back. We’ll all that’s about to change! Meet Lichdom Battlemage (65% Rating), where magic-weilding is badass! It’s a first-person caster (spells instead of guns) with a deep crafting system that let’s you choose between thousands of spells to bring utter destruction to your foes. Move over warriors and archers! It’s the mage’s time to shine!

44% off !

Who said 2D fighters were dead? Skullgirls (81% Rating) features gorgeously hand-drawn characters at high resolution with the most frames of animation per character of any fighting game. Play 1-on-1 up to 3-on-3 with the Variable Tag Battle system. Test your skills with lag-free online brawls. With deep combos and unique moves, this is a tournament-grade fighter that’s gained a loyal fanbase due to its quality.

33% off !

Time to play god! Be captivated by a world that’s exotically beautiful and viciously dangerous at the same time. Lead a primitive tribe against the wrath of nature as you hold back lava, stop raging waters, empty lakes, grow forests and raise mountains. Everything evolves rapidly. Will you be able to save your tribe from complete annihilation? Find out in the masterpiece sandbox, From Dust (71% Rating).

21% off !

With shooters and action games dominating the gaming scene, Child of Light (84% Rating) is a refreshing treat for fans of classic JRPGs. Guide Aurora in her quest to recover the sun, the moon and the stars to save the world of Lemuria from the evil Dark Queen. Experience exciting battles with an Active Time Battle system reminiscent of classic Final Fantasy games. With beautifully hand-drawn visuals and a deep and engaging story, there’s no reason not to give in to this nostalgia-inducing gem.


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