Overwatch Spectator Mode Gets Floating Health Bars!

Overwatch Spectator Mode Cover

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The Overwatch Spectator Mode received a simple yet highly essential addition which is the health bars. Currently, the health bars are only available on the PTR and has a big probability of reaching the live games.

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Overwatch PS4
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Overwatch Xbox One
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A video by YouTuber ggDoA shows how this feature is in the game. The health bars are able to be turned on and off just by a click of a button. And players are also able to set whichever key they prefer to toggle this.

According to ggDoA, this makes it easier for spectators to judge the situation of the battles. It will greatly help people who cast live battles or even the huge fights. Making it easier to read the current situation in the battles in order to come up with amazing narratives. With the floating health bars, it will be much easier to recognize the near-death heroic feats of characters.

Get to watch this helpful feature in action in ggDoA’s video below:

What are your thoughts on the newest addition to the spectator mode? Share with us what you think in the comments below.


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