Overwatch Rate This Match Feature Removed, Clarified!

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Blizzard Entertainment’s Overwatch Rate This Match feature was removed from the game with the recent patch 1.12. The ‘Rate this Match’ feature allowed players to rate a match with a three-star rating system. The system started way before, during the Overwatch betas.

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This move was not a big deal for Blizzard, however, players of the game did notice its absence and talked about it in the forums. Those who have noticed wanted an explanation for its removal.

The game’s director Jeff Kaplan said that the feature was not used by existing players and mostly used by new players only.

“We had high hopes for this feature but after the year of the game being live and an extended period in beta, all we learned from the feature was new players used the Rate this Match feature more than existing players,” explained Jeff Kaplan, Overwatch director.

Kaplan further adds, “We want to reduce as much clutter in the UI as possible and seeing as we were not getting tremendous results from the feature, we decided to remove it.”

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