Overwatch: Doomfist Now Live on the PTR! Here’s More Information About Him!

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After waiting for so long, and after one speculation after another, Doomfist is finally part of the Overwatch lineup of heroes! You can go ahead and try him out in the Overwatch Public Test Region (PTR).

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Overwatch PS4
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Overwatch Xbox One
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Doomfist is an Offense hero, and according to Blizzard, his cybernetics make him a powerful frontline hero. His Hand Cannon deals ranged damage. He can also use his Seismic Slam to slam the ground and knock nearby enemies towards him. His Rising Uppercut blasts enemies in front of him high up in the air. When he is completely charged, he can also use his Rocket Punch to knock an enemy back, and deal more damage when they hit a wall. His Meteor Strike also deals significant damage, as he leaps into the air then crashes on the ground. As for his defensive move, he is able to generate personal shields when he deals ability damage.

Get to know more about Doomfist from the Developer Update below:


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