Mass Effect Andromeda Trial Will Give Players Limited Access to Its Campaign

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The Mass Effect Andromeda trial will give EA and Origin Access members a limited access to the game’s single-player campaign, according to the game’s producer Fernando Melo.

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According to Melo, you will be able to play the campaign all you want, however, it is “gated,” which means you can’t continue the story after some point. On the other hand, you will be able to play the multiplayer mode without any restrictions.



Players will be able to play the Mass Effect Andromeda trial for a maximum of 10 hours.

Melo has also showed some of the rewards players will get for their single-player campaign by playing in multiplayer. Players will receive “Pathfinder Rewards,” which consist of loot boxes, when they complete multiplayer missions. A couple of examples shown in a screenshot were: Gold Item Loot Box and the Research Data Loot Box. See screenshot below:

Mass Effect Andromeda will hit store shelves, and will also be available in digital download, on 21 March (NA), and 23 March for PC, Xbox One, and Playstation 4.


No Dedicated Servers For Mass Effect Andromeda Multiplayer

Mass Effect Andromeda Multiplayer will have a peer-to-peer network instead of a dedicated server. This has been announced by the game producer.

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