Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite Monster Hunter DLC Revealed

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The upcoming Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite Monster Hunter DLC has been unveiled in a new trailer! The game has just been recently released, and Capcom is not wasting any time to get players more hyped. To get the action going, they have given us a peek at the Monster Hunter, the first one to be released as a DLC for the game.

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The Monster Hunter wields a bow and arrow, the Dragon Blade (which she can use with both hands), and twin daggers. These weapons and armors were actually crafted from the bodies of creatures she has previously defeated. Her main attack moves were similar to the ones you’ll see from other characters who wield a bow, dual blades, or The Great Sword.

With her ability to use multiple weapons, the Monster Hunter can easily be seen as one of the most diverse characters in the game.

The Marvel Vs Capcom Monster Hunter DLC will be available as a separate purchase, or as part of the game’s Season Pass. A release date is yet to be announced.

Check out the Marvel Vs Capcom Monster Hunter DLC trailer below:


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