Let’s Celebrate the First Overwatch Anniversary!

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It’s the first Overwatch anniversary, and boy has Blizzard got tons of exciting things lined up to celebrate this milestone! Coming to Overwatch this time are loot boxes and new maps, among other awesome stuff!

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Blizzard has added three new Arena maps to the Arcade (Necropolis, Castillo, and Black Forest), as well as over 100 Anniversary rewards which include Legendary skins. Skins include: Cyberninja Hanzo, Jazzy Lucio, Cyborg: 76, Sentai Genji, Beekeeper Mei, and more!

Each time you play, you get to earn Anniversary Loot Boxes PLUS a free box from 23 May until 12 June 2017. The Anniversary Loot Boxes can also be purchased, however, they will be locked away after the anniversary event ends.

Dances and new emotes have also been added for each hero, plus 24 new voice lines, 25 sprays, as well as 25 player icons including golden player icons.

Aside from this, if you want to try out Overwatch for free, the Free Weekend is still currently underway, and runs until 29 May!

Here’s to more years for Overwatch! Happy anniversary!


Overwatch Free Weekend Alert! Play Overwatch For Free on May 26-29!

Another Overwatch Free Weekend is coming, folks! We absolutely LOVE free stuff, so don’t miss this chance to play Overwatch for free!

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