How to activate a cd key on Steam

You want to know how to activate a CD Key on Steam ? Follow this easy tutorial:

activate a cd key on steam


1/ Open Steam

2/ Click on Games

3/ Select “Activate a Product on Steam“…

activate a cd key on steam






4/ Click “Next

5/ Accept Steam’s terms

activate a cd key on steam







6/ Enter your Steam CD Key

7/ Validate and wait a few seconds.

Activation takes a few seconds. Download will start automatically.

Steam CD Keys at the best price


Steam is the biggest digital distribution / digital content delivery platform in the world by far. Steam has the biggest game library.

Steam is the number one seller of game product codes, the sales are acclaimed worldwide because of the great deals on old or recent games. They also feature Indie games, thanks to a powerful Steam Green Light program to vote for the best games to be added in the library. Some games even offer early access so that you can support the developpers early on and play the game in an alpha state.



When the games are not under sales, the price can be quite expensive. Since they are number one they don’t really need to have an aggressive stance on price, as we said above they only do that during sales. New games are at the same price than retail stores.

The reason is than for Origin and Uplay digital platforms… An huge company with many employees cannot compete for the lowest price ever.



The digital market is growing very fast, while the retail market is declining.

During the first semester of 2012, games Editors recorded a drop of more than 3 millions less sales for retail game boxes. In the same time, digital edition sales kept on growing.


With the recent evolution of our way of communication like tablets, smartphonse and more and more powerful Internet connection available everywhere it’s very important to be surfing on the success of the pioneers of this new market. Players are now used to buy digital contents, and they want it as quickly as possible.

Everything is now available from home, no need to move in a retail store and choose a game in a huge catalog. You can select a game and play it few minutes after, if you have a good connection.

Don’t pay for the fuel to go in a retail store, don’t wait to pay for it, and a price almost cut in half on, this new way of buying games online has many advantages. 70€ for a game in a retail store is a joke you can finally laugh at and won’t stop you from gaming.


Digital games and ecology

As I said above Digital games do not need packaging, no need for transport, and no need to be discarded when no longer in use.

These 3 elements are most important in terms of carbon impact. Acquire a Digital Edition Game requires no such infrastructure.

Even if the computer is not an ecological model, it is easy for buyers to limit their impact on the environment by not buying boxed games. Transport consumes thousands liter of oil, game box and the plastic that protects it is all but ecological, trucks or boats that did go through 3 or 4 countries…

We must realize that nowadays, once the game is purchased, the box becomes useless since the Origin platform has no need for the CD to install the game.

Except for collectors who take great care of their games in boxes, most games end in the trash and will be routed through storage areas again. In the best case will be recycled.


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