How to activate a CD Key on Origin

To activate a CD Key on Origin is really easy. Once you received your Origin Key Code by email you can follow this easy guide to activate the game quickly on Origin :

1/ Open Origin.

2/ Go to the Origin Tab.

3/ Click Add Game... or Redeem Product Code…

4/ Redeem Product Code…add-game-origin

5/ Enter your Origin CD Key.

6/ Click Next.


 7/ The activation usually take a few seconds…

Success! You have now activated your Origin CD Key. Your game will now be automatically downloaded and installed on your computer.

Cheap Prices on Origin CD Keys

how to activate a cd key on origin

Indeed, in the world of video games, buying CD Key online have become one of the best solution to get the games at the best prices.

Just have a look at the many CD Key Stores offering lower rates, sometimes up to 70 % off the normal prices usually at more than €60 on the official Origin Digital Platform.

So How is it possible? The answer is easy, the margin of everyone in the box/retail game industry is much higher than that of the digital edition. Indeed, a digital game is a game that requires no transport costs , packaging for sale.

who-gains-what-pc-retail-box-sale-wholesale-retail-developer-manufacturer-editor-stateOrigin is a very big company, it is easy to understand why the price of games and boxed edition of Origin games are almost always the same. Steam or Origin generates salary and professional fees for the maintenance of the service, such as servers or the staff who work so … Note that, the sale of boxed games was down in 2012. Down to 6 million sales in the first quarter of 2012, against nearly 9 million in 2011.

This is because of the arrival of Internet and “high speed” connections such as ADSL, Cable or fiber.

Buying a Digital game takes on average 5 minutes, without having to leave office or home.

It is very easy to buy the game even while in the subway with a phone or a tablet and to receive it by email by the time you are home.

Digital games and ecology

As I said above Digital games do not need packaging, no need for transport, and no need to be discarded when no longer in use.

These 3 elements are most important in terms of carbon impact. Acquire a Digital Edition Game requires no such infrastructure.

Even if the computer is not an ecological model, it is easy for buyers to limit their impact on the environment by not buying boxed games. Transport consumes thousands liter of oil, game box and the plastic that protects it is all but ecological, trucks or boats that did go through 3 or 4 countries…

We must realize that nowadays, once the game is purchased, the box becomes useless since the Origin platform has no need for the CD to install the game.

Except for collectors who take great care of their games in boxes, most games end in the trash and will be routed through storage areas again. In the best case will be recycled.


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    Realy helpful 🙂

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    December 18, 2013, 19:06

    Good info!
    Would the Cd key obtained when i redeem a game could give me the game with online options??
    Plz Reply

  3. Andrej997 says
    December 14, 2013, 23:26

    Well thanks for the info also when will u update the catalog ?


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