Hitman Elusive Target 17 Is The Food Critic Wen Ts’ai

Hitman Elusive Target 17 Cover


Welcome the new year by eliminating the Hitman Elusive Target 17! This time around your target is a renowned food critic named Wen Ts’ai.

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Wen Ts’ai is highly influential making him well-known in the world of restaurants and foodies. His blog alone has a million plus subscribers. His notoriety is famous to everybody having been dubbed as “The Cruelest Reviewer in the world”.

Your client is the partner of a Singaporean chef that had been dealt with harshly by Wen Ts’ai saying in his blog:

“Fellow Epicureans. I’d never in my life had to drink an insult. Sadly that was the case today. There are monkeys that drink their own effluence. They have a better experience than I did at The Singaporean Food Market.”

Your client was driven to suicide by Wen Ts’ai and this is how he shall exact his revenge.

The target is in the Himmapan Hotel in Bangkok to review their restaurant and cuisine.

Wen Ts’ai has been receiving threats and has procured some bodyguards. You must always be alert and at the ready due to these bodyguards.

As always you only have 7 days to take on this target! Miss and you will not have a second chance at it,

Know more about your target by watching the video below:


Get Ready For Hitman’s Elusive Target 17

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