High Elves Highlighted in New Total War Warhammer 2 Campaign Gameplay

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The High Elves are in the spotlight in the recently released Total War Warhammer 2 campaign gameplay. The video features Teclis, one of High Elves’ Legendary Lords, as well as his brother Tyrion, whom he has a military alliance with.

Total War Warhammer 2
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The campaign video mainly talks about diplomacy. As you will see in the video below, the High Elves can affect relationships between other factions through the use of abilities like Intrigue at Court. Breaking relationships between factions will be an advantage to you – you can either distract your rival, or split an ongoing alliance in order to make way for your own conquest.

Another ability highlighted in the video was one of their traits, Elven Espionage. With this trait, the High Elves are able to see whatever their trade partner sees.

There are so much more in store for you in the video below:


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