Get to Meet The Undesirables in Constructor HD (Part 1)

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The Undesirables of Contructor HD are in the spotlight as System 3 releases a series of videos that introduces each one of them. There are a total of eight Undesirables, and so far, four of them have already been introduced.

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And just in case you didn’t know, Undesirables are characters in the game which are deployed to lower the value of your rivals’ properties.

The four Undesirables we will introduce today are: The Hippy, The Gangster, Mr Fixit, and The Thief. You can get to know more about each of The Undesirables from their respective video guides below.

The Hippy – They are people who squat, picket, and hold parties in an opponent’s building

The Gangster – If you want to silence someone, or have buildings burned to the ground, The Gangster is your hitman!

Mr Fixit – A repairman who makes sure he always does a crappy job

The Thief – As the name suggests, The Thief will steal everything

In other news, a FREE demo will be released on Friday, 12 May 2017 on PC via Steam. Constructor HD will officially launch on 26 May 2017.


Constructor HD Release Date Delayed, Steam Pre-Order Bonuses Announced

System 3 has announced a new Constructor HD release date in the game’s official Facebook page. The game is now “forecasted” to be released on 26 May 2017.






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