Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris Trailer Launched, First Expansion’s Details Revealed

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Bungie has been dropping tons of details for Curse of Osiris recently. The first expansion for Destiny 2 was first revealed on the Microsoft Store back in September (probably unintentionally), but now Bungie has made it official.

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The expansion’s first trailer was featured during the Playstation livestream at Paris Games Week. For those unfamiliar with the lore, Osiris was a well-respected Guardian who was driven mad by his desire to learn the truth behind the Guardians and the nature of Darkness. His obsession placed the city and the Guardians in grave danger. This led to his banishment. Osiris has not been seen since… until now. You can watch the trailer below.

Second, Bungie wanted to make sure everyone knows exactly when the game launches. Players all around the world can begin their adventure on PC on October 24, 10 AM Pacific. You can check how that translates to your local time below.

Osiris will be taking a central role in the expansion, but we’re not yet sure if he returns as an ally or as an enemy.

Community Manager David “Deej” Dague also took to Twitter with a screenshot from the expansion’s site that revealed further details.

The expansion will raise the level cap from 20 to 25 and the power level cap from 300 to 330. New characters will be introduced as well for the campaign, which will be set in the Vex-controlled Infinite Forest on Mercury. Also, the Lighthouse, previously only available to those who completed the Trials of Osiris Crucible event in Destiny 1, will be opened to everyone.

Trials of Osiris will launch simultaneously on PC, Xbox One and PS4 on December 5.

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  1. November 1, 2017, 09:04

    Looks pretty cool but this DLC should be free or included in the game when it was released! Spending more 30€ on a game that just came out last week does not justify.


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