Call of Duty WW2 Double XP Accidentally Activated on Launch

Sledgehammer has accidentally activated Call of Duty WW2 double XP when the game launched. This was confirmed by Sledgehammer co-founder Michael Condrey on Reddit.

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On Twitter, one user asked if the game really does give double XP, and in response, Condrey said, “We launched with 2XP active, unintentionally. Everyone was getting 2XP since 11/3 and up until we made the playlist change late Thursday night, which effectively launched 3XP.”

He added that come Monday, 13 November, players’ XPs will revert to what it originally should have been which was 1XP.

“Come Monday, when we turn off the XP bonus, it will effectively revert to what we should have had at launch (aka 1XP). So early players, you got a huge head start.”

The accidental Call of Duty WW2 double XP was just one of the many issues the game has been experiencing since launch. The game’s Leaderboards and Headquarters social space were made temporarily unavailable since launch. Sledgehammer has since released a fix for consoles, and will be releasing one for PC soon.

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Call of Duty WW2 Console Update Out Now

The first Call of Duty WW2 console update is out now, and it includes tons of fixes on the game’s multiplayer mode.¬†Here’s the full patch notes.





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