Battlefield 1 Spectator Mode Will Make You Feel Like You’re a Movie Director



Coming out soon after the game’s launch, the Battlefield 1 Spectator Mode will surely bring out the inner creative in you. With the Spectator Mode, you’ll be able to capture videos and screenshots using different in-game capturing tools.

EA DICE has tapped the help of well-known screenshot artists such as Berduu to try out Spectator Mode and give out tips on how to capture stunning cinematic videos and screenshots. According to him, you can start Spectator Mode by simply joining a match as a spectator.

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Different types of tools will give you different ways to capture images. For example, if you want to follow an individual soldier and vehicles, you can use the Director Camera. This camera locks on to a player’s movement. You will still have control over where it’s positioned.

Another tool Berduu suggests you can use is the Free Camera. You can go ahead and setup multiple free cameras all over the map and switch to the camera of your choice at any given time. You can adjust each of the cameras’ settings accordingly.

And speaking of settings, you can also play around with your depth of field (DOF) and field of view (FOV) options to give you a nicer cinematic look. Filters can also be used.

“When you’re good to go, hide the HUD and film away!” Berduu says.

You can find more information about the Battlefield 1 Spectator Mode in the videos below:

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